Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Consultation

If you're "do it yourself" type of personality or have in-house team to help you and you just need guidance in regards to your Search Engine Optimization campaign, we can certainly help you with that. We have Silver, Gold, and Platinum packages for SEO consulation.

SEO Services

SEO - Silver: If you have some specific search marketing problems with your website, but don't need all the bells and whistles that come with our Premium SEO consulting reports, the basic SEO consultation is for you.

You'll receive our written Recession Buster website review, plus an hour of phone consulting time.

We will spend time researching and learning about your website, its goals and the issues you've been having in meeting those goals. From there we will uncover solutions that you can implement right away and explain them to you in language that you will easily understand, plus answer any questions you may have in a one-hour phone conversation.

Phone time can be broken up into multiple conversations if you would like so that you can make the recommended changes and have them re-evaluated.

SEO - Gold: The High Rankings Standard SEO Consultation provides you with an in-depth review of your website using our proprietary SEO Checklist. We research keywords for important sections of the website, uncover the technical SEO problem spots (and how to fix them), delve into site architecture issues and recommendations, and provide link building suggestions which will help increase your link popularity.

We deliver the information to you in the form of a written report and also provide you with a 1-hour phone consultation scheduled at your convenience.

As with all of our SEO consultations, we are happy to answer any nagging SEO questions that you have both in the report and in the phone conversation.

SEO - Platinum: If your website is experiencing trouble with its search engine traffic, chances are that we've dealt with similar situations in the past. During our premium website audit process, we extensively review your site and learn as much as possible about the issues you are experiencing with it. Then we apply our knowledge to your particular situation and provide you with a wide-array of solutions you can use to fix things.

The High Rankings Premium SEO website audit includes:

  • keyword research
  • technical SEO review
  • site architecture review
  • copywriting review with sample copy for 3 key pages
  • usability and cognitive walkthrough
  • social media marketing review

All reviews come with recommendations you can start implementing right away!


Please contact us if you have any questions.

Pricing and Packages

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