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Tradia Corporation is an Internet marketing, media buying and software development company, dedicated to providing ethical and sustainable solutions to small, medium and large companies. Our main goal is to remain as a trusted and successful service provider in the IT industry.

Internet Marketing

As it is well known, Internet marketing has become a vital component of companiesí marketing strategies over the last few years, and Tradia Corporation has successfully partnered with numerous clients to create customized campaigns that maximize the return on investment and focus on their specific business needs. All our Internet marketing projects start with a fundamentally important extensive and careful Keyword Research. We offer organic campaigns that require some setup time but provide longer lasting effects, such as Social Bookmarking, Article Distribution and Blog Posting; and also create quick-win campaigns such as Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and Pay-Per-Call Advertising. Tradia Corporationís expertise can lead to the much needed enhanced visibility on the Internet for increased sales of products and services, as well as for Online Reputation Management.

Media Buying

Media buying is also an integral part of our strategy to sell products and services as we skillfully select and purchase different types of media, including website, radio and TV ads. We conduct thorough market research to assess the optimal strategy to reach the target audience and review multiple factors, such as consumer behavior, media reach, schedule, frequency and costs.

Software Development

Another core service consists of Software development. Currently, Tradia Corporationís specialized team of developers focuses most of its activities on creating web applications, using both Microsoft technologies as well as open source. We also develop portals, CMS systems and customized types of software to successfully meet the clientís needs.

Tradia Corporationís expertise, extensive experience, professionalism and trustworthiness make it an ideal partner for your Internet marketing, media buying and software development needs.

Research, Analytics & Reporting:Social Media/Web 2.0 Properties:
Keywords Research Service Facebook Promotion Service
Professional SEO Consultation MySpace Promotion Service
Analytics and Reporting Service Twitter Promotion Service
Content Writing: Squidoo Lense Creation Service
Article Writing Service HubPages Profile Creation Service
Press Release Writing Service LinkedIn Profile Creation Service
Newsletter Writing Service Blogs Postings & Comments Service
SEO Content Writing Service Forums Postings Service
Advertisement Copywriting ServiceOther Services:
Content Distribution: Video Distribution Service
Article Distribution Service Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising
Press Release Distribution Service Pay Per Call (PPCall) Advertising
RSS Feed Distribution Service Search Engine Submission Service
    Reputation Management Service
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