Directory & Search Engine Submission

Directories are indexed by search engines regularly, and the websites within them are seen by the search engines often. When a search engine identifies a website link within a directory it typically gives link popularity credit to that website.


  • Directories like Google Map (Local Search) are capturing local market.
  • Directories like DMOZ have presence on many web portals and search engines
  • Helps to boost search engine rankings through non-reciprocal qualified links.
  • Most affordable way to market online/offline business.
  • If business listed in 1000 directories brings on an average 200 visits per month.
  • Free listing to exactseek.com which is distributed in 300 directories.
  • Optional renewal contract through monthly subscription package.
  • All the work done is reported in detail.


Freequently Asked Questions

Q. How will I know whether my website is submitted?

A. Once the submission task is complete our team will send you a detailed report in ms excel file format. In that report you will find URL, its PR and Directory to which the submission is done.

Q. If YOU submit to 500 directories, does that mean I'll get the same amount of links?

A. Our team will only make sure that your website details are submitted correctly and successfully. We cannot confirm to you whether there are approved or not because it all depends on the directory owner. Every directory owner has their own criteria for approving sites and your link may or may not be put up.

Q. How long will the submissions take?

A. Submissions usually take 7 to 9 working days from the date of payment. The process begins 4 to 5 days after payment and typically takes 2 to 3 days to complete.

Q. How long before the links are up on the directories?

A. That depends. Some directories may approve your link in a few days while some may take a couple of months.

Pricing and Packages

Please contact us for pricing and packages.