Social Bookmarking

With our Social Bookmarking, you can start to build backlinks to your site and start boosting traffic. We work with multiple social networks and complete your social bookmarking order manually, not through an automated system. That means this marketing strategy is more effective and has quality.


  • All Social Bookmarking is done Manually by trained staff members.
  • The links that you get are one-way and permanent; no reciprocal link required.
  • We offer around-the-clock customer service and a 100% guarantee that our services will be up to your expectations.
  • We make sure that you completely understand the impact and the effectiveness of our social bookmarking submission service by offering you a free submission report.
  • Most of our sites we submit to have a minimum PR of 2 and go all the way up to a PR 9.
  • Our prices are highly competitive and the best in the industry, only $49 for 125 social bookmarking service!
  • We allow our users to give three unique titles and tags for nearly 125 social bookmarking service.


Q. Are these submissions done Manually or through an automated process, I hope its not spam?

A. All links are 100% manual submissions. Since all social bookmarking requires registration prior to submission ,it cannot be spammed.

Q. How will I know my site has been bookmarked?

A. We'll send you a detailed report where you can check your link.

Q. What's the Page Rank of site(s) that you submit to?

A. Most of them are PR9 - PR4.

Pricing and Packages

Please contact us for pricing and packages.